Forsage Registration: How to register Forsage BUSD with Trust Wallet

Forsage Registration: How to register Forsage BUSD with Trust Wallet

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As we all know, Forsage is the excellent application of decentralized finance and smart contract in blockchain. Forsage is decentralized networking platform which connects people, and bring them together to experience how Blockchain technology can promote financial freedom.

Trust Wallet, as it’s name amplifies, is one of the most trusted crypto wallet available. One can register on Forsage using their Trust Wallet application, installed in their mobile phone. To start with, we need to take you through few steps to understand about Trust Wallet, and how you can set and use it.

How to set up Trust Wallet account

Step 1: To set up your Trust Wallet, you first need to install Trust Wallet application from Play Store or App Store, or you can just click the link below, which will take you to trust wallet site:

Step 2: After successful installation of Trust Wallet, the next step is to create Trust Wallet account, once you open your installed Trust Wallet application, you will be asked to Create a new wallet, just click that button, agree to legal terms, and next create your passcode, confirm passcode, make sure you store your passcode in safe place, or make sure you can remember it, do not share it with anyone. After this step, the last step will be to copy your Secret Phrase, this is very important step because, this Secret Phrase will be the one you will use if you want to restore your wallet in another mobile device. Make sure you write down these Phrases, and store them in a safe location for your future reference. To verify that you have copied your Secret Phrase, you will be asked to verify by writing them in their exactly order. Once done, you now have your Trust Wallet, ready to be used to store, buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

Step 3: The third step will be to load your Trust Wallet with BUSD balance of not less than 10 BUSD, this can be done by clicking BUY and select BUSD, you can just search if you don’t see it. Select BUSD Token (BUSD), and buy the amount you wish to load in your Trust Wallet which should be at least 10 BUSD.

After completing these steps, now you are ready to Register for Forsage account, to do that, just click COPY in below link to copy the link below on your Mobile Phone, if you can’t, you can just highlight and select then copy manually:

After the link is copied, open your Trust Wallet, and then open Trust Wallet BROWSER by clicking the icon Browser located at the footer of your Trust Wallet app, the browser will be opened, and now paste the link you copied above to open Forsage joining page then click JOIN FORSAGE to proceed with next steps

Join Forsage Account
Join Forsage Account

Once you click Join Forsage, you will be taken to all required steps to finish your registration and finally becomes official member of Forsage Winning Team.