Introducing Forsage xQore

Forsage xQore is a natural evolution of the Forsage platform based on the principles and concepts of development since 2020. The aim by which Forsage xQore was designed was to improve user engagement, in simple terms, Forsage xQore was designed for better user engagement.

Forsage xQore

The following are facts you need to understand about Forsage xQore:

  • Each forsage xQore level has 12 places in 2 lines.
  • Each occupied place in any line brings you 50% of the level cost.
  • A completed level brings you a reward of 500% of its cost.
  • Both level activation and rewards are in BNB BEP-20.
  • Level 1 activation requires no fee.
  • Fee for activating levels 2-12 is 0.003 BNB
  • Maximum income depends on nothing but your own efforts.

The benefits of Forsage xQore is that, only one cryptocurrency is needed, which is BNB, not only that, but also, there is short payback period with Forsage xQore, since you only need to invite 2 partners to cover 100% of level activation, and the marketing is very simple and easy to understand.

How to Activate Forsage XQORE?

What are you waiting for? Now its a time to activate Forsage XQORE, make sure you are not left behind.

Follow these steps to activate Forsage XQORE

  1. Make sure you have your WALLET ready with BNB balance of not less than 0.018 BNB, the wallet of your choice can be METAMASK, or TRUSTWALLET, these are most used wallets, although you can also use other wallet which support BEP-20
  2. Once you already have BNB in your wallet, click the following special XQORE invite link, to activate xQORE:

Upon clicking the above invite link, go and paste it in your WALLET browser, and proceed with activation steps.

If you dont want to copy it, you can direct navigate to the invitation page by clicking below: